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Established in 1974 by İrfan Serim Serim Aluminum Ltd. Sti. 41 years of experience and reputation in the business of dedication, integrity and teamwork is an organization that has built on the foundation.
Our work experience starting with cold iron joinery work continues with aluminum frames and cladding work for many years. Who left behind 41 years of service, our company need a turnkey solution for applications as well as partnerships based on different projects, has managed to become a preferred partner because of the quality of power and competence in the industry.


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Serim Alüminyum's commitment to a broad range of experience includes projects implemented in different sectors. Owned this flexibility, the factory of the public buildings, convention centers from hospitals, shopping malls s from sports complexes, airports in the plaza, office, workshop and office as any and all areas of operation, many buildings shows itself different from the living space, such as a terrace balcony and patio.

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