Tiara 08 - Tiara10

Enjoy your new living space with Tiara. This system, which allows wing structure up to the maximum width, offers a unique panoramic view. Thanks to the child lock integrated on the hinged panels of the system, your child is safe.

This system has been developed for many years without the need for technical service. You can watch the video to learn how it is used. When it is opened in shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and offices, it offers flexible solutions for the areas you need, and makes it safe and visible when closed.


Both cosmetic and efficient water discharge system provided by the hidden steam channel on the carrier frame profile is also a Tiara feature. Thanks to the condensate duct, it also prevents direct air intake from outside as well as rapid evacuation.


In Tiara, 100% stainless wheels with 38 mm diameter, 4 at the bottom, 4 at the top, and a total of 8 special engineering plastics are used. All wings move comfortably, with minimal friction and sound, open and close.


A special locking mechanism has been developed for the Tiara Balcony System. With the system called “ABL Auto Brake Lock”, when the sliding glass panels come to the parking area, it is automatically locked and the wing is opened without displacing it.